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Monday, November 8


CRIMINAL THREATS: Police arrested an individual, whose name was withheld, for criminal threats and intimidation after the person threatened to light another individual on fire using kerosene, authorities said.

STOLEN PROPERTY POSSESSION ARREST: Police arrested Elizabeth Faith Barlie, 24, of Alameda for having a stolen item inside her residence. Police said they located the stolen property after Barlie provided consent to search the residence.

WITNESS OR VICTIM INTIMIDATION: The victim in a dog-bite incident in which charges were filed against a dog’s owner told police that one of the people involved in the original incident has confronted and called her to try to dissuade her from testifying, authorities said.

WEAPONS POSSESSION ARREST: Police arrested Edward George Hansen, 55, of Alameda for possessing a plastic billy club and a switchblade-type knife. Authorities said that Hansen, who was stopped by police for a bicycle traffic violation, was also found to have an outstanding warrant for vehicle-code violation.

BURGLARY: An unknown suspect or suspect entered a residence on the 1700 block of Walnut Street through an unlocked second floor bedroom window, removed items, and fled the scene, police said.

Stolen vehicles: Police are searching for a vehicle stolen from the 500 block of Willow Street.

Stolen bicycles: A bicycle has been stolen from the 1000 block of Foster Street, police said. Authorities are also searching for a bicycle taken from the 600 block of Central Avenue.


Tuesday, November 9


GRAND THEFT: An unknown suspect gained entry to the exterior of a commercial building at 1521 Buena Vista Avenue by cutting the fence padlock, police said. According to authorities, the perpetrator then stole copper wiring before fleeing in an unknown direction.

SEX REGISTRANT OUT OF COMPLIANCE: Police arrested Ronald Armand Jacobs, 52, address not given, for failing to register as a sex offender when they discovered that Jacobs was out of compliance with his annual registration requirements. Jacobs faces an additional charge of violating parole, police said.

PETTY THEFT ARREST: Police arrested Shamar Masters, 29, of Alameda on a charge of petty theft with priors after Masters allegedly used a CVS grocery cart to take 20 cases of water off of a pallet jack located outside of CVS pharmacy’s receiving area on the 2300 block of Santa Clara Avenue. Masters faces an additional charge for taking the shopping cart, police said.


Wednesday, November 10


COMMERCIAL BURGLARY: An unknown suspect or suspects pried open the back door to a laundromat at 1549 Lincoln Avenue, setting off an alarm. The suspect then fled in a vehicle, police said.

BURGLARY: Police are searching for the unknown person or persons responsible for a burglary on the zero block of Haight Avenue. According to authorities, the perpetrator used the victim’s pruning shears in an attempt to pry open a sliding door but was unable to gain entry in that manner. The suspect or suspects then broke a laundry-room window but could not manage to open it. The perpetrator then moved to a bedroom window which did allow access. Numerous items went missing from the residence, police said.

Stolen vehicles: Police are investigating the theft of a rental truck, rented by FedEx, from the 900 block of Park Street. The unknown suspect or suspects managed to steal the truck without being seen or heard, authorities said. A second vehicle also went missing from the 1100 block of Broadway.


Thursday, November 11


PETTY THEFT: A woman who lives on the 3000 block of Lincoln Avenue had a package stolen from her porch, police said.

MARIJUANA FOR SALE ARREST: Police arrested Cody James Adams, 18, of Alameda for possession of marijuana for sale after searching a vehicle Adams was in. According to authorities, police searched the vehicle after noticing the odor of marijuana.

OUTSIDE AGENCY ASSIST: Police are assisting East Bay Regional Parks investigators in a case involving multiple rounds of gunfire being shot into a residence. The gunshots originated in an area over which that agency has jurisdiction, police said.


Friday, November 12


FORGERY: A suspect sent another individual a fraudulent check, asking him to deposit it and then send a lesser amount of money back via Western Union, police said.

Stolen bicycles: Police are searching for bicycles stolen from the 1600 block of Oak Street and the 2500 block of Central Avenue.


Saturday, November 13


PEEPING TOM: An unknown suspect was seen peeping into a residence on the 3000 block of Bayview Drive, authorities said.

Stolen bicycles: Police are investigating the theft of a bicycle from an open car port on the 300 block of Broadway.

Stolen vehicles: Police are searching for a vehicle stolen from the 800 block of Harvard Drive.


Sunday, November 14


PETTY THEFT FROM BOAT: An unknown suspect or suspects stole gasoline from a victim’s boat, police said. The boat was parked in a storage lot at 1815 Clement Avenue, which has been the location of several recent property crimes. The perpetrator of the theft cut the fuel line of the boat, authorities said.

ROBBERY SHOPLIFTING ARREST: Police arrested Bianca Marie Smith, 19, of Oakland for robbery and possessing burglary tools after Smith allegedly attempted to steal items from Kohl’s. Police said Smith took items without paying and then got into a physical alteration with Kohl’s security. Shoplifting is charged as a robbery offense when the perpetrator enters the premises with tools to facilitate theft and without the means to pay, authorities said. Smith faces additional charges of violating parole and providing false identification to police.

BURGLARY: An unknown suspect or suspects entered a residence on the 400 block through an unlocked patio door, took various items and fled, police said.

AUTO THEFT ARREST: Police arrested Durnetta Rene Graham, 40, of Alameda on a charge of auto theft after she was found to be driving a stolen vehicle.

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