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Election update: Candidate statements

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We’ll be working to catch up with candidates throughout the day to gather their post-election statements and posting them here.

City Council candidate Jeff Mitchell (via e-mail): While we fell short in the quest to capture a seat, I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to know that so many of my fellow Alamedans understand the gravity of bringing openness and transparency to Alameda city government,” Mitchell said. “As a member of the City’s Sunshine Task Force I look forward to continuing the work of getting a comprehensive Sunshine Ordinance on the books and, eventually, onto the city’s charter. I want to thank all of those who gave me their time, support and advice along the way. It was great experience and with luck we’ll see you all again in 2012 if not sooner.

Mayoral candidate Frank Matarrese (via his website): I wish the best for Marie Gilmore and the new Council in facing what lies ahead for Alameda. Thanks to all of my supporters for their great efforts during this campaign, in particular the volunteers who did so much– hosting house parties and fund raisers, walking precincts, writing letters, phoning, labeling, displaying signs, and other tasks too numerous to mention. You all did so much in a tough uphill battle. I am proud to have had our campaign remain positive and creative and most of all, to have had each and every one of you on my team – you are the best!

School Board candidate Rand Wrobel (via his website): The voters have spoken. I reached 6% of the Alameda voters, and acknowledge I didn’t get my message out, and/or Alameda was not ready for my message.  Thanks to my supporters and those who did vote for change. Congratulations to Ms. Sherratt and Mr. McMahon. Wish you the best in guiding AUSD.

Mayoral candidate Tony Daysog (via e-mail): Congratulations to Marie Gilmore for her election to the office of Mayor of Alameda. Ms. Gilmore ran a positive campaign that focused on the future – a well-earned election about which we should all be proud. Congratulations also to our next Vice Mayor, Rob Bonta, and to elected Councilmembers Johnson and Tam. Given the difficult nature of this election, special congratulations must also go out to spouses and families of our new leaders. Let us now take stock of the events of the past several weeks and re-double our efforts to work with Ms. Gilmore and the new City Council in continuing to move our city forward.

City Council candidate Jean Sweeney (via e-mail): I want to congratulate all the candidates that won the election yesterday. It is time to move on there will be community forums in Alameda to put together ideas for Alameda Point. I hope these meetings will be well attended and people can present and discuss their ideas along with others. The city has many plans and we have to decide the plan that works best for the citizens of Alameda. Thank you for your vote.

City Council candidate Tracy Jensen (via e-mail): As I think about what I have done on the school board I have to consider my son. He is in 4th grade and his school is much, much greener thanks to the hard work of parents, staff and students.  My son’s classmates may be less likely to say hurtful things to students with lesbian and gay parents. All of our elementary schools continue to serve the community. I am proud of those accomplishments. But I will also leave elected office knowing that one decision, which won’t have such lasting consequences, was perhaps more personally impactful. When the school board closed the pools a longtime close friend stopped speaking to me.  So as I leave office I am thinking about the consequences of my decisions.  And I hope that those who were elected will always consider how their decisions will impact not just Alameda, but also their families and their friends.

City Council candidate Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft (via e-mail): I am so thankful to all of my volunteers, donors and supporters throughout Alameda. I enjoyed meeting so many Alamedans at candidate forums, and as I walked door to door  to communicate my message to voters — that we must strengthen our local economy and help our schools by supporting local businesses and attracting new ones, achieve and maintain a fiscally responsible City budget, and create a sensible, sustainable development at Alameda Point. While I am disappointed that I was not elected to the City Council, I look forward to continuing to serve our community on the Planning Board and in other ways in the future.

Mayoral candidate Doug deHaan (via e-mail): I wish the very best to Marie Gilmore as she leads our city in these most difficult times facing us. I welcome Rob Bonta to the City Council, and I feel confident that the entire Council can work together to make Alameda an even better place for all of us. I’m anxious to continue working with the citizens as we move forward with Alameda Point. I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of my supporters for everything you did in your individual ways to support my campaign. I’m proud to have run an ethical, meaningful and truthful campaign. I’m proud that you cared enough to share in that experience. Lastly, thank you to my outstanding family.

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