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Updated Police “aggressively” investigating sexual assault allegation

Submitted by on 1, September 28, 2010 – 9:29 am11 Comments

Updated 8:07 p.m. Tuesday, September 28

Alameda Police say they are “aggressively” investigating a claim that an Encinal High School student was sexually assaulted on the way to school Monday.

“Obviously, the investigation is advancing with every resource,” Alameda Police Lt. Sean Lynch said.

Lynch said the incident is alleged to have occurred at 7:40 a.m. Monday on the 400 block of Santa Clara Avenue. He said police were contacted at 10:23 a.m.

“A lot of the details are unclear at this time,” he said.

Parents e-mailed The Island on Monday saying they received a robo-call from Encinal High’s principal saying a female student reported being sexually assaulted on the way to school and that the school was seeking to assure students’ safety. Lynch, who said Tuesday he has been getting many calls from worried parents, said the school needed to make the call out of “an abundance of caution” but that he didn’t want to say much more out of concern for the alleged victim.

“At this time, there is no indication that a public safety risk exists,” Lynch said.


  • timm says:

    thanks for posting this story it is being covered up.. one thing wrong it…… was a rape of a high school student. NOT ASSULT

    why don’t you tell us what the bad guy looks like.

    oh you did…. by not telling us what they look like. …

    i know what he looks like 1+1 = 2 IN MY WOULD

  • Jim says:

    Hi Michele,
    Any idea why there is not mention of this anywhere else? We live on Alameda and we are very concern.

    • Hi Jim,

      I think a lot of folks have held off on this because there is a child involved, and I think we all want to be sensitive to that. I posted because I know that parents at Encinal High had gotten phone calls and also that it had run on the TV news, so I wanted to do the best I could to be an accurate information source about something that would be a real topic of concern for families.

      Honestly, my sense is this has been one of those cases where both the school and police are doing what they can to act in everyone’s best interest – the school by keeping parents in the loop and the police by doing what they can to protect the young lady in question. If we get any more information we can share, we will be sure to keep you updated.

  • timm says:


    Thanks for posting this story this is the only place the story is running …..

    When a child is RAPED in Alameda …the facts should not be hidden. the city an APD are holding back the info. Alameda is turning getteo an the are trying to keep that a sercet.

    mabe we can call the police if we see him but they will not tell you if he looked like Timothy McVeigh it would be top story for 20 min of the news

    If I know what the rapest looks looks like …I know the Island dose too..

    You do get some credit for posting the story. you will get full credit when you tell us what he looks like.

    hope he dose not rape again because the city of alameda dose not want any one to know that alameda is now a getteo

  • Annie says:

    why did it take so long for the police to arrive if the incident happened on the way to school at 7:40am?

    Did the school call 911? Why didn’t the police arrive immediatly.
    10:20 is not acceptable when anyone is raped. Where is the description of the rapist? If this was on the east end I believe the response would have been immediately expedited.

  • GoJets says:

    A girl got raped walking to school at 7:40 a.m. but police aren’t contacted until 10:23? Who contacted the police? Why the delay? I’ve heard that the investigating officer is on vacation so don’t expect an update for a few days? How can this not be a “public safety risk”? Is this the best our Alameda PD can offer? And what about the School District?

  • GoJets says:

    Eve Pearlman of AlamedaPatch reported yesterday, “On Monday at about 8:15 a.m. an Encinal student reported to school administrators that she was sexually assaulted on the way to school.”

    For a sexual assault evidence collection kit to be the most useful, the victim should go to the hospital immediately following the attack. Changing clothes or bathing may result in destroying viable evidence. Wikipedia, Rape Kit

    Yet Encinal administrators took more than 2 hours to contact police. Is that why AUSD and Alameda PD are so quiet?

  • Annie says:

    When did she actually go to the hospital? And why is there no description of the rapist available? Maybe if she went to the hospital sooner, their may be evidence and a possible suspect that can be named.

    I still believe this case would be handled a lot more efficiently if this was a student at Alameda High, let me rephrase, a CAUCASION Alameda High School student.

  • timm says:

    It would make no difference what high school any more.. the reason you don’t see a pixx is because he is black. (THE CITY OF ALAMEDA AN THE A.P.D ARE COVERING UP CRIME.) Think about it.. This was a high school kid. They won’t even tell you what he looks like. B.S on it was because a minor. Why have megans law then, everybody better sell now while you can.

    One more thing I bet 70 % of the kids are from out of Alameda The city dose not want you to know that also.

    Why would you need a boysclub if they want to close schools for lack of students. They are from outside of Alameda.

    Drive down cental..People are dumping beds an garbage on the sidewalks like they do in da hood.

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