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Document: Letter from DA Nancy O’Malley to Michael Colantuono

Submitted by on 1, September 7, 2010 – 4:45 am7 Comments

Here is the letter District Attorney Nancy O’Malley sent to the city’s outside attorney, Michael Colantuono, advising him of the outcome of her office’s Lena Tam investigation:


  • EastBay2010 says:

    This letter and the City of Alameda’s press release do not jive. The City of Alameda must be held accountable for continuing to distort the truth. Who wrote the press release? It’s on the City’s letterhead, but the contact is an outside attorney. This seems like a house of cards that is about to fall.

  • Thanks for Posting this Michele. It’s frightening how different the letter is from the the Gallant/Highsmith presentation in their press release today. One could actually say that the DA has stated the exact opposite of what our Interim City Manager and City Attorney are saying.

    The ICM and City Attorney need to join the Fire Chief on Administrative leave while these political shenanigans are looked into. It’s time for our elected leaders to step up and put a stop to this.

    Congratulations on your exoneration Lena!

  • Dawna says:

    To the ICM….please spend our tax dollars on something of substance. If the DA found “insufficient evidence of either criminal violations or purposeful failure to carry out the mandatory duties of office” maybe you should leave it alone. It’s a shame to see the wasteful ways you all use our tax dollars. Be glad your job isn’t ever on the ballot.

  • Michael says:

    I just don’t think any public servant should ever be paid anything even close to $200,000 per year.

    Average California household income is something like $37,000. So, approximately 6x as much is crazy.

    If you look at cities like Vallejo, the salaries that broke the bank are police and fire. And, that’s not even including benefits, overtime, retirement…. all absolutely absurd.

    Then, on top of all that, they have to be regarded as “heroes.” Give me a break!

  • Dave Needle says:

    Let us remember the facts here. Tam did send confidential City information to SunCal. That the DA says there is not enough evidence to push a grand jury investigation does not in any way say that Tam did not cheat us all.
    And, let us remember that the City Manager and City Attorney did their jobs in the investigation into leak of confidential information to SunCal. They did the job well, and with more strength and character than I have seen in this City in a long time.
    Tam’s attack on the City Staff shows her lack of character and hopefully helps us all remember why she must not be re-elected.

  • Dave L. says:

    Can anyone imagine what the press would have looked like if the DA found that the Tam charges warranted a grand jury investigation?

    It’s really unfortunate that people can’t accept a ruling from the DA and move on.

  • ct says:

    Mr Needle,

    The information the City’s outside attorney presented as evidence in the investigation was not “privileged” or “confidential”. What facts would support your claim that the communication of that information somehow cheated us all?

    Interim City Manager Ann Marie Gallant and City Attorney Teresa Highsmith attempted to draw attention away from Gallant’s questionable contracting practices by attacking Councilwoman Lena Tam’s character. Wasting taxpayer dollars on a politically motivated distraction is not an indication of “strength and character.”

    When you say “Tam’s attack on the City staff shows her lack of character,” let us remember that Gallant has at her disposal (in her mind, unlimited) public funds to go after Tam, while Tam must rely on her own personal finances to defend herself. Tam has consistently pushed for greater transparency in our local government; Gallant continues to ignore those calls for open government. The fact that Tam is not letting Gallant bully her into submission shows that Lena Tam has infinitely more strength of character than do Gallant and Highsmith put together.

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