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Wood student brought gun to school, police say

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Updated 4:51 p.m. Friday, February 19

Alameda police arrested a 14-year-old Wood Middle School student Wednesday on four weapons charges after he allegedly brought a loaded semiautomatic pistol to school. Police said the boy allegedly was being bullied by another student.

The students’ names are not being released because they are minors, Alameda Police Lt. David Boersma said.

Boersma said the incident allegedly stemmed from the 14-year-old’s request that a 13-year-old student befriend him on MySpace, which was denied. Police believe the students began “cursing back and forth” through the website, and that additional verbal confrontations followed in school.

Boersma said that school officials first learned of the gun allegation when they found the second student on the school’s basketball court Wednesday instead of in class. When asked why, the student told school staff that he had heard from other students that the 14-year-old student had a gun and that he was scared to go to class.

When school officials brought the eighth grader into the school office at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Boersma said they found him in possession of a loaded .380 semiautomatic pistol, which police believe he had been carrying at school for at least a week before his arrest. Boersma said the teen said the gun belonged to a family member, and that police are checking out that account. He also allegedly had five knives – one of them a 13-inch blade knife in a scabbard – and three throwing stars, police said.

The teen was arrested and transported to Alameda County Juvenile Hall, Boersma said. Boersma said he couldn’t comment on whether the teen had any previous contact with law enforcement, but he said school officials told police that “he was a low-key student that didn’t have any other disciplinary issues.”

The Alameda Journal’s Peter Hegarty reports that the school suspended the 13-year-old who was allegedly bullying him. Hegarty reports that the problems between the two students continued over several months.

Wood Principal Gilbert Cho sent a letter to parents Thursday reiterating the school’s no-tolerance policy for weapons on campus and saying the school will continue its investigation of the incident. And he asked parents and students to report information regarding future threats to safety immediately.

“We interviewed a number of students knowledgeable about these banned devices brought onto our campus. I want to take this opportunity to remind students and parents that it is absolutely critical that persons with information about safety threats immediately contact school officials. Further, if your student is questioned about such an incident, District policy requires that they provide any and all information regarding the incident,” Cho wrote.


  • Deirdre Araujo says:

    This was followed by a reiteration of the no tolerance policy on bullying as well, I hope!

  • spankym says:

    What parents let their children go to school with loaded guns, 13″ knives and ninja stars?

  • KK says:

    Parents who are not involved in their enough in their kids lives to know that their child is involved in a conflict with another child at school. That’s who. If parents took a few minutes each day to check in with their kids these types of situations would be avoided. It’s not that difficult people!

  • Mom says:

    I think Wood has BIG problems. My impression on visiting the campus was that it was sadly out of control on all levels. I hope the principal is held accountable.

  • RM says:

    When a kid brings a gun or weapon from home, the kid got the gun from home.

    Why was it not in a locked case?

  • mongasb says:

    It seems that everything is focused on the weapon. The weapon is the aftermath of something very serious that went on before.
    How much does a child have to bear before someone comes to help him. Think of how alone and helpless he had to feel to come to a point of thinking of bringing a weapon to school.
    When my children were in school, they would come home at times and tell me “I don’t like this one or that one.” I would reply. ” It is not necessary to like everyone, but it is necessary to be kind to everyone. Put yourself in the other students place and think, how would I feel if this were happening to me or my brother or sister.”
    What would be so difficult in bringing the parents and children involved together with an expert in this type of situation and discussing the matter. It is not necessary to make fun of others because one perceives him/her to be different or “not cool”. Parents need to take charge when their child is “bullied”. If the school does nothing except repeat the phrase “Bullying will not be tolerated at this school.” Nothing will change.
    This poor child brought a weapon to school. Another child might feel so helpless that he would feel that life is no longer worth living and kill himself.
    I have very good information that the “bullying” goes on at other schools in Alameda, and nothing is done about it.
    Wake up, this is a very serious situation!

  • brianna.x says:

    I know the boy that was bullying that kid. He used to be my boyfriend. He told me this that wednessday that It happened and he was helluh scared. Oh btw I still love him alot (:

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