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AT&T installs U-verse service

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familyAT&T is installing service cabinets that will allow them to deliver high-speed digital television, phone and Internet services across the Island. An AT&T rep said installation of the cabinets, which would deliver the company’s U-verse service via fiber optic cable, has begun in earnest and will continue into 2011.

The company’s new service would compete with existing cable, phone and Internet providers in Alameda.

“We want to be out there competing with cable as fast as we can,” AT&T spokesman Gordon Diamond said.

State regulators granted the company license to install the cabinets across California, and AT&T struck a deal with the city to set up service in October 2008. The company will set up 80 of cabinets Island-wide, Diamond said, and the plan is to set them up next to existing cabinets for AT&T’s other services. Diamond said the company has pulled city permits to set up 15 of the cabinets. Each cabinet can serve 300 to 500 nearby homes.

Residents and business owners who are within 300 feet where the cabinets are being installed will receive letters from AT&T detailing the work to take place and containing a photo of what the cabinet will look like. The letters contain a phone number people can call if they have questions about or problems with the placement of a cabinet.

The company has the legal right to place the cabinets in the public right-of-way – on sidewalks, for example – but its deal with the city says they have to try to come to an agreement with neighbors over the placement of a cabinet if there’s a dispute. If the neighbors and the company can’t resolve the placement of a cabinet, the city could deny AT&T a permit to place it there.

Diamond said the company has gotten complaints on a handful of the cabinets.

The staff report laying out the city’s deal with AT&T – and a map of where the company’s existing cabinets are – is here.


  • Scott says:

    I have comcast would love to hear from someone who has the u verse service and if they like it.

  • Barbara M says:

    How many of these cabinets are going to be installed?

    My parents have u-verse and it is awesome. Amazing amount of channels, clear phones and wireless is consistent. It is also a better deal.

  • Mitch F says:

    I don't care how big they are, they can put one in my front yard if they want.

    Anything! so I don't have to put up with Comcast anymore.

  • Erik Freitag says:

    As an alternative, you might try nominating Alameda for Google's trial of 1Gb/s fiber to the home. Go here http://www.google.com/appserve/fiberrfi/public/op… and click "Nominate Your Community".

  • Omar says:

    Google’s 1Gb/s fiber to the home is a joke. Google will never be a successful internet provider. Google is good with what they do now “SEARCH ENGINE”. REMEBER their nexus one???? It was a disaster. My recommendation to Google is to stay with something that you don’t know how to operate it.

  • Omar says:


    It was a disaster. My recommendation to Google is to stay AWAY with something that you don’t know how to operate it.

  • Yohannon says:

    @Omar: Interesting that you’re calling a service they have yet to roll out a “joke” — I’m guessing you work for a competitor for such vitriol. πŸ˜‰

    I like competition… we could go from one, really crappy service (ComCast) for way too much money, to THREE options. Huzzah to the free market!

  • Todd says:

    We had Uverse in San Francisco for about 4 years and totally loved it! Recording 4 shows at once and being able to watch them in another room totally rules. The internet speeds were always fast, but I wished they came closer to FiOS speeds. I hated having to sign up for Comcast when we moved over to Alameda. Comcrap service is such a joke and they won’t stand behind their service when problems occur. We’ve had lots of problems with them over the past 3 months. Had to call last night about pixelation and DVR issues (again!) and while we were on the phone we were told we were getting a $27 charge for the service call the week prior(?!?). That tech had to run a new line from the pole to our house because he said there was water. At no time did anyone tell us we were going to get a service charge. I didn’t see how or why I’d have to pay for that because until it goes into our house it’s THEIR equipment. The operator couldn’t explain it very well either other than just keep saying over and over that we’d have to pay for it. So much for customer service!

    In the 4 years we had Uverse we never had to pay for any tech rolls, got our house wired for free, constantly got promos every time they upgraded their service and the customer service was always top notch. For the record, I’m no ATT fanboy, dealing with their wireless phone service sucks. But Uverse always did us right. Comcast has already shot themselves in the foot with us and when the whole Uverse package is available I will be telling ALL my neighbors. You’d think with the competition coming into their town that Comcrap would be a little more flexible. Oh well, I guess my $1500/year will get spent somewhere else.

    fyi, as of 3/17/10 the internet and phone portion of Uverse is available in Alameda (94501). You can only find this out by calling Uverse; their website won’t tell you any of it is available until all services go online. I haven’t been able to get anyone at ATT to tell me when the TV portion will come online. Once I find out I’m gladly calling Comcrap to shut off our service and drop off our DVR & modem at their office.

    If anyone knows when the TV portion will become available please let us know.

  • Yohannon says:

    @Todd: The pixelation issue was exactly what I had to contend with. I found it downright insulting that one of my highest monthly bills at the time (outside of rent and food!) was for such crappy and inconsistent reception — especially when the quality, clarity and CONSISTENCY of over-the-air “free” broadcasting was substantially better. I remember growing up far enough out on Long Island cable was suppose to FIX all of that — and this was in the days when there was one scrolling text channel and HBO (usually channel 3) only aired nights and weekends. And we liked it, by cracky! πŸ˜‰

    {/old-fart mode} Anyhow, I am sincerely sorry to hear that they are STILL having infrastructure issues — I willingly went from 16Mbs cable internet to 6Mbs DSL to drop them, and as a geek who likes his bandwidth like his women (as wide as possible!) this was a fairly big sacrifice. But the losing the aggravation every time I came home to discover that my Tivo contained unwatchable recordings made it sting far less painful.

    Oddly enough, about 4 months ago I had some serious DSL issues — the connection would start dropping every few days, then once a day, then more… finally it was far too unstable to use. I called ATT on a Thursday night, and the next day a tech was there to check the line. He wasn’t able to fix the problem, because it turned out to be the line from the house to the “pole” — which was underground, so they had to send a team. They were there by Monday, and the problem with fixed completely and free of charge. Hello, ComCast? Are you getting that you’re being beaten by AT&T??

    Ugh, I’m becoming excessively cranky in my old age. Must be time to up the Benefiber dose. πŸ˜‰

  • Michael says:

    I am an employee of att reading blogs just like this one about the uverse trust me once it hits your area you will not go back to cable/dish maximum speeds upto 24 mgbts per sec 3 hd streams now. There is alot of older posts in blogs and im just jumping around updating info on the web. 130hd channels on demand a lot of svcs to be given a lot of posts I have read say that uverse is dsl just reworded that is completly false and the speeds are faster than most spiderweb hubs of other cable providers. I hope your community enjoys the uverse and the better brand of svcs.

  • Todd says:

    @Michael: good to know someone who actually works for ATT is taking the time to see what the local blogs are saying. You should check out uverseusers.com if you haven’t already.

    We got a letter in the mail from ATT back in March letting us know that a VRAD box was slated for our block. That was over 3 months ago and I haven’t heard a peep since. Judging by the heights of the weeds along the road it doesn’t look like it’s in progress. I’m sure you can’t say exactly when that box is going to go green, but how long does it usually take? It’s a tease we can get the internet and phone, but I don’t need the headache of switching before the TV portion is available. Much appreciation for any insight you can offer. I know you’re correct when you say people won’t go back to cable/dish!

  • Todd says:

    So much I guess for ATT re-checking blogs they took the time to seek out and comment on. I would prefer answers instead of another advertisement of their product. When are we going to be able to get Uverse TV in more areas of Alameda?

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